Become a Supplier

HealthTrust is fully committed to fair and open competition. We welcome new suppliers and new technology to enhance the value proposition that we offer to our members.

HealthTrust members purchase under our contracts and are uniquely committed to our contract portfolio. Since 1999, we’ve continued to strengthen our reputation as the high-compliance market leader that delivers on our promises to members and suppliers alike. We expect the industry-best price from our suppliers and in return we deliver a committed market share.

A HealthTrust contract award is coveted because it means suppliers will have the opportunity to obtain business from HealthTrust members purchasing within the supplier’s category. This committed purchasing model eliminates the inefficient and costly requirement of suppliers soliciting market share facility by facility.

To learn more, visit the Path to Becoming a Supplier and review the Contract Schedule. Suppliers should review the schedule periodically for additions and/or changes. The review process may start nine to 12 months prior to the expiration date of current agreements in a specific product or service category. HealthTrust utilizes advisory boards that may, at their discretion, elect to extend an existing agreement beyond its expiration date, or renew it for a new term.