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Clinical Experts


Despite Disappointing Trial Results, Not the Death Knell for ABSORB Stent

Year three clinical trial results on Abbott Vascular’s next-generation dissolvable stent were discouraging across the board, but the device still has promise—as investigators participating in ongoing trials in the U.S. should help demonstrate. These researchers are more familiar with the unique requirements regarding vessel preparation/sizing prior to stent deployment.  The uniformly poor performance of Abbott […]

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Surgical Robot

NASS 2016: Spotlight on Robotics

This year’s meeting introduced 19 new-to-market products, highlighted by three robotics systems designed to improve surgical precision.  From the exhibit hall to educational break-out sessions, surgical guidance systems were front and center at the 2016 North American Spine Society (NASS) annual meeting held Oct. 26-29 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Simply keeping up with all happenings in […]

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Medical professor using human heart model to teach college class

TCT 2016: Big Crowd Hears Breaking Results from Major Studies

The annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference featured scientific presentations that highlighted clinical approaches no better and no worse than the alternatives, although in the ILLUMENATE Pivotal Trial a novel paclitaxel-coated balloon was found to be superior to routine percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) in patients with peripheral arterial disease. Scientific presentations and educational sessions at this […]

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Error Proofing Enteral Feeding Connectors for Safety

The delivery of medicine, nutrition and gasses via medical device tubing saves lives. Misconnections, however, can have tragic consequences. New designs in enteral feeding connectors are safeguarding patients and improving healthcare. In any patient setting, adverse events including death can result if medical device tubing is misconnected. A global safety initiative is underway aimed at […]

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Cardiac Bundle Payments

Eight Best Practices for Coping with Cardiac Bundles

Sage advice for hospitals struggling with how to meet the seemingly impossible demands of value-based care—and transform their organization into a truly evidence-based, collaborative, efficiency-minded and patient-centered center of excellence. Although it has been 25 years since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched its first-ever bundled payment experiment for coronary artery bypass […]

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AHRMM Webcast: Developing a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

Dr. Michael Schlosser, Chief Medical Officer at HealthTrust, discusses the reasons for, and resources needed to create a clinically integrated supply chain that utilizes evidence-based data to make procurement decisions that can improve patient outcomes. AHRMM Webcasts are a free and quick resource for individuals interested in hearing more on relevant healthcare supply chain topics. […]

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European Society of Cardiology 2016: Primary Outcomes Hard to Budge in Important Cardiology Studies

Compelling evidence was presented at ESC 2016 supporting the use of implantable cardioverter defibrillators in heart failure patients, continuous positive airway pressure to improve patient quality of life, drug-eluting stents in reducing the need for repeat revascularizations, and stem cell therapy for patients with severe heart enlargement.

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molecular diagnostics

Weighing the Cost/Benefits of Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Tools

The field of molecular diagnostics, which uses biological analysis to detect specific sequences in DNA or RNA that might be associated with disease, is growing rapidly. A 2015 report from Mordor Intelligence estimated the value of the global market for molecular diagnostics at $6 billion; by 2020, it’s expected to grow to nearly $10 billion. […]

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physician-supply chain collaboration

Surprise! Physicians Want a Better Relationship With Supply Chain

Not only are physicians interested in dialoging with supply chain, but they’re also the patient advocates best equipped to address the “quality” and “outcomes” portions of the CQO equation. I regularly work one-on-one with physicians across 22 specialties and, since I work for a group purchasing organization (GPO), the first order of business is to […]

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engaging physicians

5 Things Supply Chain Leaders Should Know About Physicians

For supply chain professionals, the first step to engaging physicians and bridging the communication gap is to better understand what makes them tick. Use that knowledge to get them engaged before you need to tap their clinical expertise for mission-critical projects. In healthcare, the communication gap between supply chain professionals and practicing physicians is legendary—the one […]

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