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physician-supply chain collaboration

Surprise! Physicians Want a Better Relationship With Supply Chain

Not only are physicians interested in dialoging with supply chain, but they’re also the patient advocates best equipped to address the “quality” and “outcomes” portions of the CQO equation. I regularly work one-on-one with physicians across 22 specialties and, since I work for a group purchasing organization (GPO), the first order of business is to […]

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medical equipment

To Repair or Replace? The Medical Equipment Balancing Act

A major issue facing clinical asset and supply chain managers in healthcare systems is how to approach the repair and replacement of medical equipment. The dilemma? There’s not a one-size-fits-all winning formula. Safety is paramount, but supply chain managers must also consider the age and serviceability of the equipment, and the costs to service, repair […]

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CJR Presentations: Multi-layer Solutions and the Value of Patient Engagement

Top consultants for HealthTrust’s value-based payment solutions dug deep on the financial particulars of the newly launched bundled payment program, and how the collection of patient-reported outcomes can lead to more shared savings for hospitals.

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