HealthTrust Workforce Solutions' StaRN Program Answers Critical Nursing Need

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions’ StaRN Program Answers Critical Nursing Need

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions has launched a unique educational opportunity to meet a critical need for specialty nurses: Specialty Training Apprenticeship for Registered Nurses (StaRN). “We have an interesting phenomena going on right now in nursing,” said Tony Pentangelo, executive vice president of managed services for Workforce Solutions. “It’s very competitive for critical care nurses in […]

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Healthcare Applications Spotted for Newly Showcased ‘Consumer’ Electronics

As part of the ramp-up to the 2017 HealthTrust Innovation Summit, members of the physician services team hit the road scouting for the latest greatest products with a meaningful role to play in hospitals. Out of the 3,800 suppliers at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 15 were showcasing products with potential applications […]

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European Society of Cardiology 2016: Primary Outcomes Hard to Budge in Important Cardiology Studies

Compelling evidence was presented at ESC 2016 supporting the use of implantable cardioverter defibrillators in heart failure patients, continuous positive airway pressure to improve patient quality of life, drug-eluting stents in reducing the need for repeat revascularizations, and stem cell therapy for patients with severe heart enlargement.

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physician-supply chain collaboration

Surprise! Physicians Want a Better Relationship With Supply Chain

Not only are physicians interested in dialoging with supply chain, but they’re also the patient advocates best equipped to address the “quality” and “outcomes” portions of the CQO equation. I regularly work one-on-one with physicians across 22 specialties and, since I work for a group purchasing organization (GPO), the first order of business is to […]

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HealthTrust Helps Members Harness Opportunities Created by Disruptive Innovation

The Growing Reach of Technology Transformers Imagine robots that act as stand-ins for doctors, watching over their patients as they recover from major surgery and regularly checking their progress. Through these robots, physicians can interact and care for patients from miles away. This is just one example of “disruptive innovation” and its potential for revolutionizing […]

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engaging physicians

5 Things Supply Chain Leaders Should Know About Physicians

For supply chain professionals, the first step to engaging physicians and bridging the communication gap is to better understand what makes them tick. Use that knowledge to get them engaged before you need to tap their clinical expertise for mission-critical projects. In healthcare, the communication gap between supply chain professionals and practicing physicians is legendary—the one […]

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CJR Presentations: Multi-layer Solutions and the Value of Patient Engagement

Top consultants for HealthTrust’s value-based payment solutions dug deep on the financial particulars of the newly launched bundled payment program, and how the collection of patient-reported outcomes can lead to more shared savings for hospitals.

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