CoreTrust | HR, IT and Indirect Spend


As facility costs continue to rise, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to cut supply expense. With CoreTrust contracts for non-medical services and supplies, you can reduce costs, streamline purchasing operations, save time and increase efficiency.

Serving 600+ companies across multiple verticals, CoreTrust helps providers realize sustainable, double-digit savings by drawing on our extensive contract portfolio and expertise. By leveraging the aggregated spend of the collective, CoreTrust enhances member profitability by negotiating and offering contracts with competitive pricing on non-medical services and supplies.

Clients receive 10 to 20 percent average sustainable cost savings across our benchmark portfolio of 75+ categories.

HealthTrust membership is not required to engage this service line.

What our members say…

We absolutely would not have been able to negotiate the valuable pharmacy benefits management program for our hospitals without the help of HealthTrust. Its CoreTrust portfolio and purchasing power made this and several of our other HR programs possible.

~ Laurie Breedlove, senior vice president of Human Resources,
Community Hospital Corporation