A team of experts offers disruptive innovation and consultative services to implement evidence-based practices and service line support. In custom sourcing engagements, we leverage market dynamics to deliver an average of 16 to 20 percent savings.


Measuring for Change: How Smaller Facilities Can Get a Handle on Medical Device Costs

The first step is to align with physicians around data that is reliable and actionable, and build a process for controlling product utilization that is rationale, patient-focused and data-driven. Unless your hospital is part of a large, clinically aligned IDN, there’s a good chance you don’t have a good handle on what you spend for […]

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Rightsizing The Role of Medical Device Reps in The OR

Rightsizing the Role of Medical Device Reps in the OR

Physicians today rely heavily on reps to ensure good surgical outcomes for patients, but the cost to hospitals is skyrocketing prices on a growing collection of implantable pieces and parts—many of which have yet to be proven superior to tried-and-true alternatives. Here are five steps facilities can take to move closer to a ‘sales-less’ service […]

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‘Disruptive Innovation’ Inspires HealthTrust’s New Solutions

The term “disruptive innovation” describes how industries transform to provide more affordable and readily accessible products and services to their customers or clients. HealthTrust is helping organizations seek out inventive solutions designed to manage costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Why Physician Employment Makes Sense

To incorporate required technology, comply with regulations and participate in new delivery models such as accountable care organizations, physicians today are practically forced to be part of a larger practice or be employed by a hospital.

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