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AHRMM Webcast: Developing a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

Dr. Michael Schlosser, Chief Medical Officer at HealthTrust, discusses the reasons for, and resources needed to create a clinically integrated supply chain that utilizes evidence-based data to make procurement decisions that can improve patient outcomes. AHRMM Webcasts are a free and quick resource for individuals interested in hearing more on relevant healthcare supply chain topics. […]

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Duodenoscope Diligence

Multiple outbreaks of a drug-resistant infection linked to contaminated duodenoscopes have prompted nationwide re-evaluation of sterilization procedures and an ongoing discussion about the scopes’ design and ultimate safety.

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Biosimilars Update: Zarxio

In March 2015, the FDA green-lighted Zarxio, the first biosimilar product to be approved in the United States, signaling some relief from rising drug costs.

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The Source Q2 Issue Highlights Nontraditional Care Models, Patient Satisfaction

The Q2 issue discusses nontraditional models of healthcare delivery, examines ways to promote a culture of patient safety at your facility, explores strategies for upping patient satisfaction scores, reviews the latest on Meaningful Use regulations and investigates the ever-evolving world of robotics.

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Cybersecurity and Medical Devices

When we think about hackers breaking into an insulin pump or pacemaker, it probably seems more like a plot from a cable TV drama than an actual threat. But with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security investigating roughly two dozen cases of suspected vulnerabilities in medical devices, it’s clear hospitals can’t ignore the risks

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Emerging Technologies in Infection Prevention

Recognizing the limitations of standard decontamination practices, infection preventionists are turning their attention to emerging technologies that work to reduce environmental contamination to prevent the spread of germs. Here are three of the most promising ones

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Emerging Pathogen Management

A collaboration between HCA and HealthTrust ensured that both stayed ahead of the evolving Ebola crisis, providing accurate, up-to-the-minute information and securing the equipment to keep HCA staff and patients safe.

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Man in suit leaning against a wall dealt with changes in CHE Trinity Health

Insights to Act On

A set of reporting and benchmarking tools helped CHE Trinity Health drive change in product spend and supply utilization.

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Elevator option related to different services

The Service You Shouldn’t Have to Think About

Properly functioning elevators are a must in any healthcare setting. But without regular maintenance, elevators can stop being the reliable machines depended upon to move people efficiently around a hospital and become a dangerous problem.

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