Unprecedented Competition for Nursing Talent

Despite a political landscape some thought might slow demand for healthcare, the nursing shortage persists. Job openings for nurses are expected to increase 16 percent between now and 2024, making the profession one of the fastest growing occupations. However, supply continues to significantly lag demand — with current nurse vacancies at nearly 1 million. Factors fueling this trend include an aging population, growth in chronic diseases, and expanded access to healthcare. The cumulative result is one of the most competitive nurse recruitment markets ever.

*“New technology” is classified as a product that, as compared to existing products:

  • Offers significant technological advancements,
  • Improves clinical outcomes or patient care in a significant way (i.e., documented reduction in procedure times, outcomes, lengths of stay, readmissions, infection rates), or
  • Streamlines work processes and/or the economics of facility operations in a significant way (i.e., increase or decrease expenses in supply chain or resource utilization).

Demonstration of the above through independent, peer-reviewed publication(s) is beneficial, but not required.*

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