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Electronic Health Records: Leaping Over Hurdles

Funding from the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act has spurred electronic health record (EHR) adoption in a big way, with over 4,800 hospitals nationwide snapping up more than $11 billion in incentives for achieving Stage 1 Meaningful Use.

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Cybersecurity and Medical Devices

When we think about hackers breaking into an insulin pump or pacemaker, it probably seems more like a plot from a cable TV drama than an actual threat. But with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security investigating roughly two dozen cases of suspected vulnerabilities in medical devices, it’s clear hospitals can’t ignore the risks

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Moving Toward the Patient Center

Rusty Holman, M.D., chief medical officer for LifePoint Hospitals, talked to The Source about the group’s objective of helping LifePoint partner more closely with patients and families in driving excellence in quality and service

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‘Disruptive Innovation’ Inspires HealthTrust’s New Solutions

The term “disruptive innovation” describes how industries transform to provide more affordable and readily accessible products and services to their customers or clients. HealthTrust is helping organizations seek out inventive solutions designed to manage costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Man in suit leaning against a wall dealt with changes in CHE Trinity Health

Insights to Act On

A set of reporting and benchmarking tools helped CHE Trinity Health drive change in product spend and supply utilization.

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Reducing the Risk

HealthTrust vendors seek to reduce a growing healthcare concern: Radiation exposure from medical imaging.

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Forging Stronger Links in the Chain

To improve safety and reduce costs, Alverno Clinical Laboratories introduced Vantage, a product from Ventana that uses a series of unique systems to positively identify patients’ slides throughout the entire process.

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Decision Support Software Improves Patient Safety

As healthcare facilities transition to electronic medical records (EMR), almost every record-keeping system will include some form of clinical decision support software (DSS). These software programs are designed to help physicians and other healthcare workers with decision-making tasks regarding patients’ diagnoses and treatments.

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