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Doctor Meeting Teamwork Diagnosis Healthcare Concept

Management Matters: Physician Q&A: Felix Lee, M.D.

Felix Lee, M.D., discusses the importance of physician engagement in establishing best practices, the role of physician advisors in HealthTrust’s clinical contracting strategy, and his goals for educating and enlisting physician champions on a local level. What are some of the reasons you chose to specialize in interventional cardiology? I originally majored in the neurosciences […]

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The Source Q2 Issue Highlights Nontraditional Care Models, Patient Satisfaction

The Q2 issue discusses nontraditional models of healthcare delivery, examines ways to promote a culture of patient safety at your facility, explores strategies for upping patient satisfaction scores, reviews the latest on Meaningful Use regulations and investigates the ever-evolving world of robotics.

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Patient Safety and Pathogen Control

Some background on Ebola for the supply chain to consider, along with recommendations for tightening up infection control practices.

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Emerging Technologies in Infection Prevention

Recognizing the limitations of standard decontamination practices, infection preventionists are turning their attention to emerging technologies that work to reduce environmental contamination to prevent the spread of germs. Here are three of the most promising ones

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Emerging Pathogen Management

A collaboration between HCA and HealthTrust ensured that both stayed ahead of the evolving Ebola crisis, providing accurate, up-to-the-minute information and securing the equipment to keep HCA staff and patients safe.

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Elevator option related to different services

The Service You Shouldn’t Have to Think About

Properly functioning elevators are a must in any healthcare setting. But without regular maintenance, elevators can stop being the reliable machines depended upon to move people efficiently around a hospital and become a dangerous problem.

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grass and soil represent sustainable living

Sustainability Pioneers

In recent years, as resources have become tighter, energy costs have risen and healthcare costs have skyrocketed, a commitment to sustainable operations has become essential.

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Find Foundational Success With FIS

For construction or renovation projects, FIS works with members to standardize construction documents, increasing transparency on indirect purchases that otherwise would be made by subcontractors with little or no oversight.

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Saline solution to fight infections

Battling the Bugs

While the issue of hospital-acquired infections remains a stubborn and serious problem, many healthcare facilities are making strides to reduce infections—and supply chain professionals can play an important role in continuing that trend.

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circle of business

It’s All Connected

Improving the financial health of organizations starts by addressing quality deficits and promoting quality improvement.

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Team of nurses working with supply chain

Teaming Up for Patient Safety

How nursing and supply chain professionals can form stronger partnerships to reduce medical errors.

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coordinated coils

Coordination Central

How health IT, bundled payments and ACOs can put you on a path toward sustainable cost reduction.

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Population health

Why Population Health Matters

Healthcare systems and physician groups are developing new programs aimed at improving population health as a whole.

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man running to keep up with changes in supply chain

At a Sprinter’s Pace

Gunter Wessels, PhD, explains how to navigate the new changes that have arisen for supply chain managers.

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hospital supply cart

Extreme Savings

By joining with 1,400 other hospitals and more than 800 surgery centers, HealthTrust members realize superior value in a truly comprehensive portfolio.

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data analysis on tablet

Steep Cuts, Sharp Divides

Enterprise-wide analysis will be key to curb the effects of Medicare reimbursement cuts.

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