HealthTrust has long worked closely with entegra Procurement Services to negotiate contracts with food manufacturers for its member hospitals and long-term care (LTC) facilities. And until recently, both its acute and non-acute care members have operated under the same basic food services contract.

But two years ago, AdvantageTrust, HealthTrust’s non-acute care division, wanted to explore options to better serve the needs of its members.

“The former food services contract wasn’t really designed for non-acute care facilities,” explains Darrel Weatherford, vice president of AdvantageTrust. “Long-term care facilities, such as continuing care retirement communities and rehabilitation centers, require more flexibility, better access to food options and more competitive pricing than is typically available with a standard contract.”

So AdvantageTrust began working with entegra to create a new program better suited to LTC providers.

The new program with entegra offers more flexibility to food distributors and non-acute care members alike. In terms of distribution, LTC facilities may now choose between Sysco and Gordon Food Services. In addition, they can select from a greater number of low-cost products—both name-brand and generic—than have been available in the past. For example, under the renegotiated agreement, non-acute care facilities have access to a variety of choices for flour in terms of quality and price.

The program launched Aug. 1, 2015, and HealthTrust has been reaching out to recruit new AdvantageTrust LTC members.

Members outside the non-acute industry will also benefit from the program. According to Jason Hanson, senior director of CoreTrust—HealthTrust’s division for non-medical services and supplies—a stronger AdvantageTrust contract will help leverage more purchasing power and create more flexibility for all members, including those without a full GPO commitment.

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Entegra Launches New Customer Resources

HealthTrust members that utilize the entegra food contracts now have access to a new website——featuring cost-saving opportunities, relevant health and wellness information, sustainability and trends resources, and career development opportunities for a number of professionals within your organization. This customized web solution is designed to respond to your specific needs, including:

> Mobile-friendly access to the site from your smartphone or tablet

> Chat directly with the Client Procurement Services Call Center via the site

> At-a-glance views of the newest site content

> See what your peers are viewing on the website’s “most popular” pages

Current customers can register today at

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