Satchel Health Delivers Advanced Telehealth Solution for Skilled Nursing Facilities

It’s after hours, and a nursing home patient requires medical attention. That used to mean a costly trip to the ER. Thanks to advancements in telehealth allowing remote monitoring, diagnosis and treatment, it now means the patient can stay in place to receive care. Satchel Health, founded in 2014 as Octovis, is at the forefront of providing innovative telehealth services to the post-acute care industry through a suite of workflow, technology and financial solutions.

Through a virtual encounter that leverages video, audio and data streaming technology, and several Bluetooth-enabled diagnostic tools—including a stethoscope, pulse oximeter, EKG and dermatoscope—Satchel Health provides post-acute care facilities immediate access to skilled clinicians who can diagnose and treat the patient in place. Organizations have the opportunity to utilize their own clinician networks, the Satchel clinician network or a combination of the two.

Data and analytics are yet another part of the solution. Satchel’s software provides an adaptive and intelligent questionnaire to nurses so they dispatch the most appropriate clinician. During patient encounters, Satchel provides clinicians with evidence-based suggestions. Once encounters end, Satchel delivers insights to facilities about how the technology was used and what value it brought. It also helps facilities develop a standard of care.

“With scarce medical resources and limited clinical context, patients are frequently and unnecessarily transferred to the emergency room and readmitted to in-patient care,” says Harry Cross, vice president of operations. “Providing effective care in place eliminates financial penalties for readmissions, offers reimbursable opportunities and, most importantly, manages the health of the patient in an optimal manner.”

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