Why should you be evaluating the cost of blood products now? Many hospitals have implemented very effective blood management programs that have dramatically reduced the volume of blood products purchased. An influx of products has driven pricing down across the country. This has caused many regional blood suppliers to join purchasing cooperatives that assist them with negotiating hospital contracts to compete with the larger national blood suppliers, in turn causing all suppliers to respond to changes in the market. The result? Much more competitive pricing today for both blood products and services.

How can we help? ServiceTrust has successfully negotiated blood products and services contracts for over 250 hospitals across the country, with an average of 6 to 12 percent savings. Having this market intelligence provides us what we need to deliver savings that will impact your bottom line. We know that beyond negotiating the best pricing for blood products you must also evaluate the total cost to purchase the product—including reference testing, inventory and delivery costs. We address all of this through our tested RFP process and contract negotiations.

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Christina Katamay

Christina Katamay

With 30 years of healthcare experience, Christina Katamay’s roles have included supply chain director, division director of contracting and corporate director of national contracting for 170 hospitals. She has used this experience to develop HealthTrust’s purchased services program. Katamay received her bachelor’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. More Articles by This Author »