Elevator maintenance contracts help HealthTrust members stay safe and secure

Properly functioning elevators are a must in any healthcare setting. But without regular maintenance, elevators can stop becoming the reliable machines depended upon to move people efficiently around a hospital. HealthTrust has partnered with three of the leading elevator manufacturers and maintenance service providers to offer cost savings and top-rated elevator maintenance agreements to its members. Here’s an outline of what each has to offer.


More than 60 percent of the equipment serviced by this Helsinki, Finland-based elevator company was manufactured by another company, which is a testament to KONE’s strong technical support, according to Bruce Norden, director of national accounts. With more than 70 service centers and sales offices located across the United States, the company’s elevator maintenance customers have quick and easy access to service supervisors and technicians, as well as their account representatives, who are available 24/7 by cell phone.

Value-add services at no cost include a Web-based system that details cost and spending for maintenance, and in-elevator phone monitoring to a 24/7 KONE call center. After a service has been performed, KONE offers automatic email notification. KONE also provides five-year life cycle and asset planning for elevator equipment, which includes recommended upgrades designed to improve performance, save energy and reduce passenger risk.

Otis Elevator Company

State-of-the-art processes, including an automated maintenance management system, 24-hour on-site equipment monitoring and remote diagnostic assistance, are just a few of the ways Otis Elevator Company— the only major USA-based elevator company—helps to drive down costs for HealthTrust members.

The Otis Maintenance Management System (OMMS) recommends and automatically schedules maintenance and component upgrades based on the actual usage of elevators specific to a facility. Otis can keep track of this usage information through remote monitoring of vital elevator functions such as oil level and oil temperature, which is communicated through an on-board computer installed on the elevator.

When technicians are on-site to service an elevator, they can utilize the Otis ROLE (Remote On-Line Expert) system to instantly connect with an expert who specializes in the manufacturer, vintage or type of equipment the mechanic is working on—helping to reduce downtime and repeat calls.

When a problem does arise, the Otisline call center is staffed 24/7, and most calls are responded to in less than 30 seconds, says Greg Anderman, director of national accounts. In between service calls, an Internet-based tracking system provides access to customizable performance and service data.


Although it prides itself on its equipment, ThyssenKrupp also touts its one-on-one relationships and personalized maintenance programs, says Bob Stanczak, national account manager. Stanczak is the main point of contact for HealthTrust members, but each member is also assigned a sales coordinator and accounting coordinator to “create a well-versed team dedicated to each specific facility,” Stanczak says.

The personalized maintenance program can factor in recommendations made through ThyssenKrupp’s Capital Planner service, which offers a customized, detailed report that allows members to properly plan for repairs and upgrades. When service is needed outside of regularly scheduled maintenance, members can reach out to their ThyssenKrupp contacts or call TKCommunications, a 24/7 call center with full-time operators and support staff. Stanczak says the average response to a customer call is under 15 seconds.

ThyssenKrupp gives HealthTrust members access to its Customer Service Portal, allowing members to review service history, callback frequency, unit availability and response time

“HealthTrust agreements with KONE, Otis and ThyssenKrupp offer total cost management through regular maintenance and monitoring agreements, service solutions to fit unique requirements of each facility or member, and new construction or modernization planning,” says Jenna Thomas, director, Facilities Infrastructure Solutions for HealthTrust. “HealthTrust and its elevator partners can help customize a service program allowing facility staff to focus on patient care.”

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