Americans throw away nearly 35 billion plastic bottles every year. That’s a staggering statistic, but it’s not surprising: As a whole, the United States goes through roughly 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.

That’s why beverage distribution company Evive Station is trying to keep people and the planet healthy with proper hydration and by eliminating the one-time use of plastic bottles. The Evive Wellness Station, which was introduced to members at the 2016 HealthTrust Innovation Summit, is a water purification system that utilizes the latest technology in sub-micron and UV purification to deliver highly filtered water to a reusable bottle. The innovative beverage kiosk is capable of cleaning and sanitizing reusable bottles, then refilling them with chilled, purified water—either plain or infused with choice of calorie-free, all-natural fruit flavors.

One Evive Wellness Station can replace 100,000 single-use bottles each year, explains Dave Flanders, CEO of Evive Station. The wellness station uses less water than one cycle of an Energy Star dishwasher to individually clean 25 reusable bottles.

“Our wellness station provides a convenient and cost-effective way for employees to keep properly hydrated throughout the workday,” Flanders says.

Through HealthTrust Contract No. 18085, facilities can opt for an employee payment plan, or choose to subsidize all or a portion of the cost for their employees. Facility employees will receive an Evive reusable bottle that is embedded with an RFID tag that unlocks their member profile.

The wellness kiosks deliver a personalized experience that allows members to track personal hydration goals, monitor results via wearable technology, compete against colleagues, and gain insight into how it is positively impacting the environment.

Members have access to unlimited water refills, bottle and cap sanitizations, a savings dashboard and reward opportunities.


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