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is the official magazine of HealthTrust, available online and distributed in print four times a year. This award-winning publication provides members with information and insights on relevant industry issues, clinical and supply chain best practices, performance improvement initiatives, technology trends and positive impacts to cost, quality, outcomes and the patient experience. The content features subject matter experts from within the HealthTrust membership, its Physician Advisors program, HealthTrust’s internal team and the healthcare industry.

Editorial Contributions

Clinicians, healthcare executives, physicians, supply chain leaders and staff within HealthTrust member facilities are invited to share their expertise as part of upcoming stories. Readers are also invited to suggest other experts for interviews or article ideas for publication consideration. Contact Executive Editor Faye Porter with suggestions.

HealthTrust Corporate Team

Ed JonesPresident/CEO


John Young, M.D., MBA, FACHE – Chief Medical Officer

Lisa Garman – VP, Marketing & Communications

Faye Porter Director, Member Education & Communications, Marketing

Shellie Meeks Senior Manager of Member Education & Communications, Marketing

2024 Education & Editorial Advisory Board

Michael Schlosser, M.D., FAANS, MBA – SVP, HCA Healthcare Care Transformation & Innovation

Jocelyn BradshawSVP, Strategic Sourcing

David Osborn, Ph.D. – SVP, Strategic Accounts & Advisory Services

Allen Wright, MBA – SVP, Strategic Sourcing, Commercial Products & Services

Teri BernsteinVP, Strategic Sourcing

Cathy Florek VP, Supply Chain Board/GPO Operations

Brian Moran, PharmD, MBA – VP, Pharmacy Services

Rick Phillips, R.T.(R)(MR)(CT)(ARRT), CRA – VP, Advisory Services, Clinical Integration

Angie Sims – VP, Strategic Accounts

Stephanie Thompson, MBA, PharmD – VP, Clinical Services 

Bob Davis – AVP, Marketing & Communications

Jason Braithwaite, PharmD, MS, BCPS – AVP, Pharmacy Services

Joey DicksonSupplier Diversity Officer & AVP Purchased Services & Diversity Contracting

Kim Kelly, MSN, RN – AVP, Clinical Services

Jennel Lengle, MSN, RN – AVP, Clinical Operations

Drew Preslar, MBA – AVP, Advisory Services, Clinical Integration

Kimberly Wright, RN – AVP, Clinical Services

Margherita Potter, MHS, RD, BS – Senior Director, Food & Nutrition Services

Dolly Kay, MBA, MLS (ASCP)CM – Director, Laboratory Services, Clinical Operations

Kathy McCardell, BSN, RN – Director, Radiology & Cardiovascular Services, Clinical Operations

Holly Moore, MSN, CCRN-K – Clinical Director, Clinical Services

Tara Roth, MHA, BSN, CENP – Director, Nursing Services, Clinical Operations

Jody Upton, MSN, MSM, RN – Clinical Director, Clinical Services

Aaron Walters, MBA, BSN, RN – Director, Clinical Services

Jenny Werthman, Ph.D., MBA, RN, NE-BC – Clinical Director, Clinical Services

Jennifer Westendorf, DNP, RN, CNOR – Director, Surgical Services, Clinical Operations

Editorial & Creative Services provided by GLC

Cara Finnegan Editor, GLC
Jason HenningerEditor, GLC
Enrique “Rick” Cruz Art Director, GLC

Advertising Opportunities

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Note: The articles and information that appear in The Source in print or online are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon in any manner. Such content is not intended to replace health system practices and independent clinical decision-making, which are the sole responsibility of health systems and their practitioners. Individuals should independently determine, and shall have sole responsibility for, any course of action related to the matters addressed herein. HealthTrust, on behalf of itself and any members or subject matter experts who have provided the content, expressly disclaims any liability for health system operational and treatment decisions as well as any liability associated with actions or omissions of any individual relying upon such content. Contact HealthTrust for additional information.

*“New technology” is classified as a product that, as compared to existing products:

  • Offers significant technological advancements,
  • Improves clinical outcomes or patient care in a significant way (i.e., documented reduction in procedure times, outcomes, lengths of stay, readmissions, infection rates), or
  • Streamlines work processes and/or the economics of facility operations in a significant way (i.e., increase or decrease expenses in supply chain or resource utilization).

Demonstration of the above through independent, peer-reviewed publication(s) is beneficial, but not required.*