COVID-19 Member Resource Center

Found on the secure Member Portal, the site features exclusive members-only clinical, pharmacy and supply chain content related to supplies and suppliers, drug supplies, treatment evidence, caring for COVID-19 patients, condensed FDA Emergency Use Guidelines as well as guidelines from national organizations, edited into a consumable format. There are also COVID-19 updates from suppliers in the Purchased Services, Facility Services & Equipment and the Non-Clinical Product space.

Supporting Those on The Front Lines

HealthTrust’s Clinical Services team continues to provide important tools and updated resources on COVID-19 topics such as Disinfection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Conservation & Decontamination, Respiratory Care, Clinical Practice, Lab & Diagnostic Testing, Optimizing Capacity and Caring for Staff. Visit the Education & Clinical Resources website to access these documents.

Vetting Supplier Leads on PPE

Given the shortages in PPE, you may be approached by manufacturers, distributors, brokers or agents offering PPE during these uncertain times. Please exercise caution when evaluating all products and sources. Read our guidance on vetting leads you may be considering. Or contact us at or 855-623-0462 if you would like assistance.

Complete with links to currently available and routinely updated resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and more, as well as an interactive dashboard developed by HealthTrust’s data scientist, the site is updated nightly with data from Johns Hopkins.

Healthtrust Clinical Warriors

Clinicians and staff in our members’ facilities are making incredible sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19, and we want to recognize their efforts. If you know of a warrior clinician or team on the front lines with a story to share, please tell us about it here. We will honor them publicly in a new HealthTrust Clinical Warrior section of our website and on social media outlets.

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