Sepsis takes a devastating toll on patients and healthcare organizations. Here is what the numbers say.

40% of U.S. adults have NEVER heard of sepsis.

The human impact

  • 7 million adults develop sepsis annually
  • It’s the leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals: 270,000 die each year
  • ~6% of all hospitalizations are due to sepsis; 35% of all in-hospital deaths are due to sepsis
  • Mortality risk rises 8% each hour that treatment is delayed
  • 19% of people hospitalized with sepsis need to be re-hospitalized within 30 days
  • ~80% of sepsis deaths could be prevented with rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Sepsis survivors have a shortened life expectancy, are more likely to suffer from an impaired quality of life and are 42% more likely to commit suicide

The economic impact

  • $24 billion–$27 billion in annual hospital expenses are associated with sepsis care
  • 1 cause for hospital readmissions, costing >$2 billion annually
  • $18,400 = the average cost per hospital stay for sepsis; double the per-stay cost across all other conditions

Sepsis symptoms include:

S – Shivering, fever or very cold

E – Extreme pain or general discomfort (“worst ever”)

P – Pale or discolored skin

S – Sleepy, difficult to rouse, confused

I – “I feel like I might die”

S – Shortness of breath

Source: Sepsis Alliance Fact Sheet

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