John Young, M.D., MBA, FACHE

In surveying members as to where they could use assistance, value analysis continues to be one of those areas. A highly functioning Value Analysis Team (VAT)—or VA Committee in other health systems—involves clinicians and facility leadership in following a formal process for evaluating products, new technology and services that will provide safe and effective patient care. And, because it often includes products that require physician expertise and guidance, physicians are a natural fit for being part of a facility’s VAT or committee.

If you are asking, “How do we best communicate with physicians, and how do we get them engaged in the process?” you’ve come to the right place! This edition features part two of our yearlong exploration of the Value Analysis Survival Guide. Here, we address both of those process components: effective communications and physician engagement. Hear from HealthTrust subject matter experts Kimberly Kelly, MSN, RN – AVP of Clinical Services, and Domini Pelkey, BSN, MBA, RN – AVP of Clinical Resource Management, on why building rapport and relationships with physicians is the key to gaining their active involvement.

HealthTrust Physician Advisors weigh in

Physicians offer a unique viewpoint into the process of value analysis because of their “hands-on” use of the materials, instruments and devices needed to treat and heal patients. We have covered various aspects of value analysis in The Source magazine over the last few years, and it has typically been from a supply chain or a clinician’s perspective.

We decided to turn the tables for this edition by asking three HealthTrust Physician Advisors for suggestions on how best to engage them and their peers in the value analysis process. Participating in this feature are Ashley Mays, M.D., FACS; Valerie Norton, M.D., FACEP; and Aron Wahrman, M.D., MBA.

Value analysis track at HTU

For those interested in improving their approach to value analysis, HealthTrust University Conference in July will again feature a track with six sessions dedicated to all aspects of the process. For members attending the live event, registration opened in late April. When you register for the education sessions, check out those marked as part of the VA Track.

My team is available to assist with your organization’s needs for value analysis, clinical integration and performance improvement in a number of areas. Let us know how we can help. In the meantime, stay well.

John Young, M.D., MBA, FACHE
Chief Medical Officer, HealthTrust
Executive Publisher & Editor-at-large, The Source magazine

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