The need for streamlined and efficient solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of pharmacy is crucial. Former HealthTrust SVP of IHP, Joey Dizenhouse, was a guest on the ShiftShapers podcast where he discussed healthcare optimization, particularly in managing pharmacy costs.

Explore the complex dynamics of the healthcare industry and how professionals navigate these challenges. An intriguing aspect of the conversation focused on HealthTrust’s position as a valuable strategic partner to benefit advisors.

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“HealthTrust IHP are not benefit advisors ourselves,” Joey explained, “One way I might describe us is an advisor’s advisor. We offer all the customizations and capabilities for you to choose as you see fit. Whether we’re helping the advisors behind the scenes or in front of the scenes, or they’re just taking advantage of our offerings, we’re here to help and ensure the best value for their dollar.”

Having been in the advisory space himself for many years, Joey highlighted that healthcare, especially pharmacy, is a field so vast that it’s almost impossible to dabble. The industry’s dynamism compels even those with long term experience to learn something new every day. In this regard, he expressed his gratitude for his team of exceptional business leaders and pharmacists he works with daily.

One of the interesting elements of the discussion was about the potential role of AI in the healthcare industry. David Saltzman broached the subject, asking Joey about his thoughts on the integration of AI, especially with the talk about GPT engines.

Joey expressed fascination with AI’s capabilities and raised some serious points on the potential application of AI in healthcare. If AI can incorporate real-time data like lab values and biometrics, he believes that the sky’s the limit.

What’s particularly noteworthy is the mention of AI serving as a behavior modification tool: “I wonder if AI can almost serve as a full-time personal coach, buzzing in your ear, the way you need to learn all the time about what it takes to, you know, keep that muscle on, keep that weight off, whatever it might be.”

This thought is especially important considering the emerging trend in healthcare of using antidiabetic agents for weight loss, where behavior change is as critical as medication.

In the midst of the complexity of healthcare infrastructure and ever-improving technological advancements, Joey emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, humility, and adaptation.

The full conversation paints a comprehensive picture of the healthcare industry’s inner workings and challenges, and a peek into what the future might hold.

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