Guaranteed Pricing and Availability on Mission-Critical Pharmaceuticals

Drug shortages and pricing instability on generic injectables continue to burden healthcare providers and the patients they serve. HealthTrust is pleased to announce innovative Supply Interruption Mitigation Strategies (SIMS) to create stability and improve predictability around the supply of medications deemed critical to patient care.

Vincent Jackson

“In a global economy, understanding the intricate supply chains of mission-critical medications is essential,” says Vincent Jackson, vice president of pharmacy services. “HealthTrust is working with select partners to map out key protections influencing the supply chain such as manufacturing redundancies, safety stock, and diversified API sources. Once our requirements are satisfied, HealthTrust will negotiate contract terms and supply protections with the manufacturer to minimize the impact of drug shortages for HealthTrust members.”

The program will create transparency and a support structure in which HealthTrust member organizations can commit to purchasing SIMS products to insulate themselves against drastic price increases and availability issues.

For additional details including the rollout schedule of never-out products targeted in the SIMS program, please call HealthTrust Pharmacy Operations at 615.344.3000 or fill out the form below.

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