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Traci Head

For healthcare organizations to run efficiently, supply logistics must be reliable and predictable. Those using HealthTrust agreements with OptiFreight for freight management and FedEx for freight small parcel shipments are getting the most bang for their supply chain buck. OptiFreight offers integrated freight management solutions resulting in member savings on Day One. FedEx offers exclusive pricing with unique contract benefits to members that access the HealthTrust agreement for inbound and outbound shipments.

“This gives our members the flexibility to manage and customize freight solutions that work for them,” says Traci Head, Commercial Contracts Director at HealthTrust, noting that some members utilize the FedEx agreement for their outbound shipments, and OptiFreight for everything else. “We’re encouraging our members to look at these freight options to gain savings and increase efficiency.”

Benefit from exclusive rates

HealthTrust has negotiated exclusive pricing for FedEx shipping, “direct rates that are only available to our membership,” Head shares. Members also have the option to work with OptiFreight Logistics, a Cardinal Health service to manage inbound and outbound freight. Among its many benefits, OptiFreight Logistics provides users with near real-time shipment status, invoice matching to ensure the products received were the products ordered, data insight, and it handles insurance claims for damaged or late shipments. “Members also have additional backing from HealthTrust’s Account Management team to make sure they are getting the attention and support they need,” adds Head.

HealthTrust’s agreement with FedEx can cover all small parcel needs for both domestic and international shipping. OptiFreight Logistics will assist in determining the best shipping methods, helping members save money and providing information to make the best business decisions.

Many who have never actively managed their freight costs have realized a 30% to 50% savings in shipping spend in their first year of using OptiFreight Logistics.

Since HealthTrust’s contract with OptiFreight Logistics aggregates member spend on shipping, HealthTrust members receive additional value as the program grows year over year. “The more our members utilize the OptiFreight Logistics agreement, the greater the savings opportunity will be in the future,” Head shares.

A supported switch

Members interested in adopting FedEx and/or OptiFreight Logistics services can work with the HealthTrust Account Management team for a smooth transition. “We’re all hands on deck to support members that want to move over to these agreements,” Head explains. “It’s no secret UPS and the Teamsters will begin their labor renegotiations this spring.”

Renegotiations that will impact approximately 350,000 UPS drivers, loaders, unloaders and others, is set to expire July 31. “We’re encouraging our members to examine their spend to determine their potential risk for disruption in the event the Teamsters and UPS cannot reach agreement,” Head says. Members considering transitioning to the HealthTrust FedEx and/or OptiFreight agreements should not delay, since the other carriers may not be able to absorb a large influx in shipping demand. “The reality is that the capacity may not be there from other carriers should there be a major service disruption this summer. And this could significantly impact our members’ ability to deliver care,” she says.

Current FedEx customers who transition to the HealthTrust FedEx agreement will not have any changes to their account hierarchy or their reporting dashboard, easing the transition process. With OptiFreight Logistics adoption, the HealthTrust implementation team includes a project lead, project specialist, IT specialist and account manager. The team helps the facility’s point person roll out the program to its internal departments and all suppliers for inbound shipments. Additionally, OptiFreight provides essential education to optimize the program for the healthcare organization. That includes how to choose the best shipping methods based on need and cost.

HealthTrust members can improve their logistics services and lower costs through HealthTrust contracting. That means saving money while improving efficiency and, ultimately, patient care.

For more information, visit the Cardinal OptiFreight and FedEx contract packages within the HealthTrust Member Portal, or contact your HealthTrust Account Director to get started.

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