Contracted pest control supplier offers peace of mind & savings for members

A HealthTrust member hospital was facing a pesty problem due to construction projects at the facility: Gnats were congregating around plants and flowers and around the sink drains in the kitchens. Thanks to a HealthTrust-contracted supplier, though, the issue didn’t bug them for long.

Getting the job done

Since the member had a contract with pest control company Rentokil through its HealthTrust membership, the facility called Rentokil’s care team, and technicians were immediately on the scene evaluating the situation.

Cleaning and Disinfection outside around buildings, the coronavirus epidemic. Professional teams for disinfection efforts. Infection prevention and control of epidemic. Protective suit and mask. Professional specialist full protective cleaning outside.The technicians walked through the facility and the exterior grounds assessing the entire space and conditions, and came up with a solution that resolved the gnat problem quickly. But they didn’t stop there. They also created care teams for the various facilities, so each one has a local, direct link to Rentokil technicians.

Rob Dickey, Director of Contracts, Commercial Products, HealthTrust, says this story is a common one among HealthTrust members: Contracted suppliers not only solve the problem, but they also grow with client needs. “Member feedback has enabled us to work with Rentokil to expand its core services to include a wider variety of pest control services,” he says.

“Now members won’t get nickel-and-dimed for something additional, like getting rid of spiders,” he adds. “That doesn’t become an extra call or charge. It’s part of their core service. That’s really the value that we’ve driven into it.”

Financial benefits

The savings when using a contracted supplier are significant, Dickey says.

The contract with Rentokil guarantees acute care facilities will save at least 20% on core services, and non-acute care facilities will save 13% on core services.

Another benefit for members is the pricing. “If members sign up with Rentokil for three years, the pricing on core services remains firm for three years,” Dickey says. And quoted non-core services are locked in for a period of 30 months.

HealthTrust continues to work with Rentokil to add value to the service contract for members, Dickey explains. “Rentokil is kind of a one-stop shop for all of your facility maintenance needs.” Besides managing pests such as ants, silverfish, rodents and roaches, Rentokil combats termites, manages the outdoor environment around facilities, including mosquito control near water features, and provides interior disinfection services and air quality control.

To find out more about contracted pest control solutions, review the contract package on the member portal for Rentokil (HealthTrust Contract #4030) or contact your HealthTrust Account Manager.

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