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More Americans are predicted to obtain elective surgeries and routine healthcare in 2022—potentially driving medical costs up 6.5% above 2021, according to a report from the Health Research Institute of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Now more than ever, it is critical to align healthcare leaders and physicians in optimizing spend on the high-value implants used in many of those surgeries.

To better understand your opportunities for lowering physician preference spend across service lines, I encourage you to partner with our Medical Device Management and/or Consulting teams for a complimentary analysis of your data and level of physician engagement. For providers in need of alignment, our consultants partner with your health system’s leadership and physicians on shared goals and to execute custom agreements, avoid unnecessary costs and lower device spend. The team also enables a deeper understanding of procedure costs and offers advice on managing off-contract spend and the consideration of new technology.

We look forward to profiling the benefits a number of members have realized from our data-driven approach to managing medical devices in the Q2 edition. In the meantime, contact solutions@healthtrustpg.com or your account manager and let us know how we can assist.

2021 survey results

Through the annual Member Survey, HealthTrust identifies opportunities for improvement and benchmarks the satisfaction of our membership across a number of key areas of the business.

The most recent survey was conducted in quarter three of 2021. We were pleased to see more than double the number of responses this year over 2020—so thank you to all who completed the survey. Of the members who participated, 85% believe that HealthTrust provides a superior value in the marketplace relative to other GPOs—up from 83% in 2020.

Members also expressed high levels of satisfaction with our pricing, account management support, leadership and culture, contract portfolio coverage and alignment in decision-making through our advisory boards.

Along with a competitive market assessment, industry research and feedback from member business reviews, survey results are utilized as part of our annual strategic and budget planning processes. All survey findings are reviewed in detail by each department, with action items developed to address opportunities for improvement.

I am also pleased to share that in response to member feedback from previous years, we made improvements to simplify the user experience and increase the quality of the data in our Member Analytics tool. This continuing effort has expanded to include pharmacy analytics, where new capabilities will be released in 2022. We are growing our technology investment, and in response to member feedback from 2021, we will be focused on helping members better identify and maximize savings opportunities, track progress on initiatives and locate alternative items to mitigate supply chain disruption.

The HealthTrust team is excited about the new year and the opportunity to increase the value we provide. Know that we never take for granted your trust in us. Here’s to boldly moving forward in 2022—memorable for what we hope will be much more than managing the pandemic.

Ed Jones
President/CEO, HealthTrust
Publisher, The Source magazine

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