2021 Member Recognition Awards

Ed Jones

HealthTrust University Conference—an annual highlight of the third quarter—was held for the first time in a hybrid format. With approximately 3,000 members, exhibitors and staff joining us in person, another 1,000 members joined our education and general sessions online. I heard countless attendees express how good it felt to be back together in person again.

HTU is also the event where we recognize an outstanding member organization as well as those with excellence in operations, pharmacy, clinical initiatives, social stewardship and, this year, a new category: innovation.

In addition to receiving honors at the conference, the following member organizations are featured in the Q4 2021 edition:

Outstanding Member  |  Surgery Partners (Brentwood, Tennessee), for initiatives to achieve optimal savings, value and performance using HealthTrust contracts and offerings primarily in the areas of neurostimulation, spine and osteobiologics. Overall compliance over the past 18 months has steadily increased, and category utilization has grown from 468 categories in 2018 to 547 in 2020.

Operational Excellence  |  QHR Health, PLUS (Brentwood, Tennessee), for driving efficiencies in contract, spend and leveraged savings opportunities across $1.1 billion combined spend.

Clinical Excellence  |  Southwest Health System (Cortez, Colorado), for COVID response, including education initiatives to provide necessary and helpful information on COVID to a rural community, as well as vaccination initiatives focused on rural communities.

Social Stewardship—Sustainability  |  St. Luke’s Health System (Boise, Idaho), for transitioning to reusable sterilization containers in response to shortage of blue wrap, resulting in less waste and cost savings.

Pharmacy Excellence  |  Scripps Health (San Diego), for early adoption of a medication central prior authorization initiative, and working with HealthTrust Clinical Pharmacy Member Support to improve biosimilar conversions and other key therapeutic areas to optimize from a pharmacoeconomic perspective.

Innovation Award  |  LCMC Health (New Orleans, Louisiana), for executing a 15-year agreement centered on energy-as-a-service (EaaS) in six regional facilities, resulting in a $96 million cost savings that allowed for immediate updates to better serve the community and redeploy the economic benefits into direct investment opportunities in core healthcare initiatives.

Inaugural “Challenge Accepted” Award

SVP of Strategic Accounts David Osborn, Ph.D., traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, the week before HTU to present our first Challenge Accepted Award to Ford Motor Company for protecting and supporting the safety of healthcare workers, patients and the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plan Ahead

Be thinking about your wins in preparation for the next Member Recognition Awards, and submit your initiatives for possible recognition in 2022. Contact your HealthTrust Account Director for more information on the application process, open annually January–March.

Ed Jones
President/CEO, HealthTrust
Publisher, The Source magazine

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