HealthTrust Travel offers a new approach to business & personal travel with unprecedented savings

Traci Head

HealthTrust members have access to a competitive, next-generation, online marketplace. Offering the widest selection of airline and hotel options in the industry, the marketplace has features you would expect to find with travel management companies (TMC) and provides unique integration of business and personal travel. “Members can keep their existing expense management system, load their negotiated air and hotel rates, all while still taking advantage of superior service for their business and personal travel with the largest selection for all travelers. HealthTrust has negotiated the Security Information Privacy Agreement (SIPA—no network access) and a SaaS (Software as a Service—no local software) so members can focus on implementation and speed to value,” says Traci Head, HealthTrust’s Contract Director, Commercial Products.

If you do not have an expense management system, HealthTrust Travel has robust analytics tools that are customized to the members’ reporting needs, to consolidate and identify the overall cost of travel. Other unique features on the platform include personal travel, Duty of Care and guest bookings (such as for recruiting and contractors).

HealthTrust Travel works similarly to other online travel platforms most people are using, such as Travelocity and Expedia, Head shares, which makes implementation and training a much easier process for the travelers and the Travel Managers.

A one-stop shop

The platform is set up as a full-service marketplace, she explains. “This eliminates the need to go to third-party travel sites to shop pricing because HealthTrust Travel has the ability to aggregate and pull in all available fares, as well as any negotiated rates that the member has negotiated for business and personal use,” Head adds. In the unlikely event that a user does find a better deal elsewhere, the platform will match it.

When users book personal travel through the platform, clicking on the personal travel option shuts down all access to any business travel-related information, such as company credit cards used for business travel, and prevents the trip from being tracked in the Duty of Care module. Users booking personal travel can be assured that their employer cannot see details of their personal travel bookings. Travelers can also use multiple credit cards (business and personal) and store frequent traveler accounts and emergency contacts within their travel profile for later use, Head says.

Individual travelers have the option to upgrade to a travel loyalty program and can use the points to book personal travel for the family. The travel loyalty program is optional, and there is a discounted annual fee associated with the program. The loyalty program is in addition to all other frequent traveler programs. Travelers earn rewards every time they make a booking. The rewards accrued depend on the type of booking, Head explains. There are specific reward amounts for round-trip domestic and international flights, and hotel stays.

“We are really trying to make sure that we have a solution that can meet the traveler where they are; whether they’re on the road or they’re sitting in the office,” she says. Travelers have the freedom to book in any way that is most comfortable and convenient for them (i.e., phone, text, email and/or online). Most importantly, members realize savings and services that are unprecedented in travel.

To learn more about the financial value and services offered through HealthTrust Travel, contact Traci Head or your HealthTrust Account Manager.

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