HealthTrust offers 10 Spots, a quick way to get clinical updates

HealthTrust is proud to offer members a new way to quickly get up to speed on the latest healthcare innovations. “10 Spots” are brief video presentations that cover 10 slides in less than 10 minutes. Each spot features a HealthTrust Physician Advisor or other subject matter expert who explains the essentials of what you need to know about the current and future states of specific clinical procedures.

Karen Bush

Karen Bush, RN, MSN, FNP, BC, NCRP, Director of Clinical Research & Education at HealthTrust, explains, “The goal is to provide members with easily consumable information to help everyone get on the same page, stat! The pre-recorded videos are designed to promote increased understanding of a particular procedure, the products used in the procedure, current practice guidelines and any future considerations.”

10 Spots will be added to the Clinical Resources section of the public Education site as they are produced. The current library includes seven video presentations narrated by HealthTrust Physician Advisors.

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