Roz Holloway is recognized for supply chain leadership

Rosalind Holloway, MBA

“A dynamic leader and a driving force in the healthcare sourcing and supply chain industry” is how Rosalind (Roz) Holloway, MBA, is described in an article published in the December 2023 issue of the Journal of Healthcare Contracting (JHC). Holloway, General Manager, ROi, and Vice President of Global Sourcing & Manufacturing for HealthTrust, was part of the publication’s “Women Leaders of Supply Chain” feature, which shared how she is “known for developing effective teams and achieving sustained results worldwide.”

A proponent of collaboration and teamwork, Holloway shares that a major reason for her professional success has been the strong support from family and friends, and the exposure to stimulating leaders and colleagues throughout her career. “I remember the line lead who taught me how to run a CNC (computer numerical control) machine at my first job out of college, and I am grateful for my current team and leaders whom I sincerely respect and appreciate,” she told JHC. She believes that people innately want to help each other. It is from this viewpoint that Holloway leads and inspires others.

To stay ahead of the curve, Holloway prioritizes continuous learning and keeping up with supply chain and environmental news and trends. But she credits her team and colleagues for contributing most to her growth. “We have a brilliant group of individuals who bring different perspectives to the table, leading to better decisions overall,” she adds.

Holloway serves as the chief executive of ROi, which is made up of three brands: Regard Medical Supplies, Regard Clinical Packaging Solutions and ROi Supply Chain. She primarily focuses on global sourcing, stabilizing international supply chains, and steering a team of healthcare supply chain professionals who are experts in clinical practice, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, data utilization and global sourcing. Healthcare providers trust Holloway and her team to help them achieve the best value when adopting new products and technologies and to navigate supply chain disruptions and changes.

The best part of her job is when she and her team help healthcare partners solve supply chain challenges that lead to more satisfied clinicians and, ultimately, patients. “As a provider-owned company, ROi, like HealthTrust, focuses on making healthcare missions possible,” explains Holloway. She views value analysis as a journey that uses data, clinical expertise and supply chain logistics to implement the right solutions within healthcare systems.

Today’s supply chain solutions must enhance provider satisfaction and efficiency, improving patient experience. For Holloway, removing barriers so that clinicians can provide patients with high-quality, coordinated care is the ultimate measure of success. “I can’t think of a more exciting and rewarding initiative to be a part of,” she adds.

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