The market for generic injectables continues to be plagued by prolonged drug shortages on mission-critical medications. This serves to threaten patient safety and the ability of medical professionals to consistently provide quality care. In addition, healthcare providers are forced to manage unpredictable medication prices, creating unnecessary hurdles in delivering cost-effective therapy.

In order to help mitigate these concerns, last year the Pharmacy Services team at HealthTrust launched Supply Interruption Mitigation Strategies (SIMS)—a healthcare improvement program targeting more than 75 medications identified by providers and clinical advisory boards as critical to patient care. SIMS enables HealthTrust to protect its member facilities against supply interruptions and sudden, often severe, price increases.

HealthTrust recently added two more mission-critical drugs—propofol and heparin—to its proprietary pharmacy-contracting model. Propofol is a key component of anesthesia delivery. Heparin is one of the most widely used injectable anticoagulants with multiple therapeutic indications.

Suppliers of SIMS products undergo a rigorous vetting centered on supply chain viability and sustainability. In return for scale, predictable purchasing volumes and sustainable pricing, drug makers commit to manufacturing redundancies and firm prices—important factors that can help insulate members from drug shortages. The Pharmacy Services team is working with manufacturers that demonstrate the capabilities necessary to meet the strict criteria for SIMS inclusion. HealthTrust expects to contract for approximately 20 SIMS products in the weeks ahead. Keep apprised of additional contracted products through the Pharmacy Response newsletter and by visiting the Member Portal.

Member satisfaction

HealthTrust benchmarks member satisfaction annually and identifies opportunities for improvement. Along with industry research, a competitive market assessment and feedback from member business reviews, we refine our five-year strategic plan that identifies market demand, informs our offerings and justifies new investments to support member needs.

The annual survey includes more than 100 questions covering all member-facing areas, including account management, the contract portfolio and technology. The most recent member satisfaction survey was conducted during the HealthTrust University Conference.

One of our key metrics is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), and I’m honored to report it continues to be considered “world class” among all companies of various industries. Members cited the top reasons for the high NPS score as industry-leading price and contract value, account support, leadership strength and integrity, clear direction and mission, culture, and a patient-centered focus and clinical drive.

We had more than 1,000 responses and many more write-in comments/recommendations—a significant increase over 2018. All survey findings and recommendations are reviewed in detail by each department, with action items developed to address opportunities for improvement.

Welcome new member

I’m excited to welcome the newest member of our collective, Northern Light Health, an integrated health delivery system in Maine. We look forward to delivering value throughout the supply chain in support of Northern Light Health’s mission to be a leader in healthcare excellence throughout the 16 counties it serves in Maine. Northern Light Health employs more than 12,000 team members throughout its hospitals, primary and specialty care practices, long-term and home healthcare, and ground and air medical transport and emergency care.

Northern Light Health will have access to a broad portfolio of contracts encompassing med/surg and pharmaceuticals supplies and services, custom sourcing guidance for physician preference items and purchased services, and advisory services addressing clinical integration and operational efficiencies.

The HealthTrust team and I look forward to serving all of the membership throughout 2020 and thank you for your commitment and trust in us.

Ed Jones
President/CEO, HealthTrust
Publisher, The Source magazine

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