HealthTrust’s approach to value analysis

Large health systems with multiple hospitals often have different contracts for the same products and services across the IDN. Conflicting points of view on how to best manage these products and services can make it difficult to establish purchasing and contracting strategies. And, getting clinicians engaged in the process can also be a hurdle. The results are missed opportunities for value and savings.

inSight Advisory – Supply Chain is committed to helping HealthTrust members create and sustain value-analysis programs that engage key stakeholders and optimize the supply chain in order to facilitate strong patient and financial outcomes.

A holistic approach

  • Review contract and invoice data
  • Create a true picture of an organization’s spend
  • Think through opportunities unique to every category
    and product (e.g., utilization best practices, pricing and standardization strategies)
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Devise a customized strategy
  • Craft a structure to sustain the program over time
  • Recommend a process for implementation, decision-making, exceptions and appeals

Clinician involvement

  • Engage clinicians in developing processes for new product selection to increase transparency
  • Assist the team in identifying redundancies
  • Present best-value products based on evidence and clinical data

The results?

  1. Limited clinical variations that impact care quality and consistency
  2. Standardized products and supplies
  3. Reduced costs while improving clinical outcomes


Vicki Alberto
Andy Motz

Learn how your organization can benefit from a holistic approach to value analysis. Contact Vicki Alberto, VP Value Analysis, at, or Andy Motz, AVP of Consulting, at andy.motz@healthtrust, to start the conversation.


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