A need for better member support inspired change

In September of 2022, HealthTrust launched a refreshed and updated Member Analytics Pharmacy platform, the platform’s biggest update in over a decade. There’s a lot to love about the redesign. Let’s look at a few of its new attributes.

Enhanced data quality

Susan Horton, PharmD

Behind the scenes, HealthTrust has changed how it sources the data used in the platform, says Susan Horton, PharmD, HealthTrust’s Manager of Pharmacy Analytics. “We redesigned the data specifications to increase consistency between distributors, enhance data quality and source additional data elements,” she says. “Now the specification is much clearer with explicit definitions and field priorities.” This allows the HealthTrust team to identify missing or inconsistent information and have more effective conversations with distributors to resolve errors.

Additionally, some data quality checks are now automated. Previously, if a distributor only sent part of a data file, there was no way to know that records were missing. With the addition of record counts in each file, the system automatically detects discrepancies and sends an alert to the team so they can follow up.

“The result is an expanded, cleaner data set for members and internal users,” Horton explains.

Better user experience

Notable changes were made to how the platform looks and works. To begin with, there is now a single landing page, which eliminates the click path members previously had to navigate through to access various reports. The landing page is designed so that members can easily find what they’re looking for.

“Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Member Analytics Pharmacy platform is increased customization for members,” says

Jennifer Holt

Jennifer Holt, Senior Director Product Management, Customer Solutions. For example, Dashboard Builder lets members customize how they want to see their data.

“Dashboard Builder allows members to take the entire pharmacy spend data set and create their own reports and views of the data using a drag-and-drop function,” adds Horton. Members can filter the data any way they want, enabling them to create unique reports that can be saved and shared with colleagues in their organization. They can even create visuals such as graphs and tables to enhance the information.

Tools like Dashboard Builder, and some newly available reports within the Compliance Dashboard, can help members identify and analyze their pharmacy spend. “Most importantly,” says Horton, “it can identify opportunities for savings.”

Speed to delivery

“From an internal user perspective, changes to the platform allow HealthTrust Pharmacy team members to accomplish tasks

Joshua Gunter, MBA

that previously required help from a software developer,” explains Josh Gunter, MBA, HealthTrust’s Associate Pharmacy Product Owner, Customer Solutions. With the new platform, the team can generate and distribute valuable reports for members.

“It’s speed to delivery,” Horton says. “It reduces the development resources needed to produce a product for the members.”

Supporting members with this product is what the refresh was all about, and there will be more enhancements to come, Horton adds. “We’re actively invested in additional iterations and releases to ensure we’re providing positive value to the membership.”

To access the new platform, visit the Member Portal. At the bottom of the page, click on “Member Analytics–Pharmacy.” If you need access, email HPG.CustomerSolutions@healthtrustpg.com with your company name and title, or contact your HealthTrust Account Manager.

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