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Steward Healthcare is the largest private, taxpaying hospital operator in the country. Without a Value Analysis Program at the corporate level, Steward lacked infrastructure for a successful and sustainable implementation process. Additionally, communication among key stakeholders was difficult and cost saving effort were siloed across the organization.


Clinical Alignment

Developed a system steering committee with representation from supply chain and senior clinical leadership.

Cost Savings Roadmap

Created an annual system-wide cost saving initiatives roadmap.

Contract Optimization

Established work groups to drive product formulary, standardization and eliminate unnecessary clinical variation.

Michael Propkins Headshot

“From a supply chain perspective, HealthTrust helped us take 8-10% of the total cost out by aligning and better utilization of our agreements.”

– Michael Prokopis
Senior Vice President
Steward Health Care

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Learn how HealthTrust identified system-wide cost saving initiatives that will deliver $7.8M in savings

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