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Achieve workforce optimization and increased productivity
with an experienced team, proven process and advanced technology

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Strategic inSight Into Workforce Challenges

With inSight Advisory Services, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions delivers an unmatched operator advantage to solve your workforce challenges. As the only GPO that has implemented a proven total spend management program for the country’s largest IDN, HealthTrust provides the team, process and technology toolsets to achieve healthcare workforce optimization and increase productivity.

inSight Advisory Services provides:

  • Labor Productivity & Optimization to assess current staffing models and to identify performance gaps by benchmarking to high-performing peers
  • Scheduling and Productivity Technology to provide department manager insight into staff schedules and daily staffing targets
  • Scheduling Effectiveness to reduce overstaffing and overtime usage due to the volatility of patient volumes
  • Float Pool Design/Management to help identify and create a flexible workforce of part-time employees by department and skill type
  • Onsite Management Engineering to help managers better analyze productivity and performance
  • Recruitment Practices to improve the process of filling open requisitions of clinical staff


Labor Productivity & Optimization

The Labor Productivity & Optimization solution analyzes a healthcare facility’s labor data and related staffing and scheduling practices to identify potential gaps between current processes and industry-leading practices. This is accomplished via departmental benchmarking to higher performing organizations from our proprietary benchmarking database of almost 300 hospitals.

This solution also reviews current models to determine if overall staffing is based on the principles of core hiring/staffing. A core hiring strategy balances the use of full-time and flexible staff to more effectively address the ebb and flow of demand within individual departments as well as across the enterprise.

Once improvement goals are identified, the program helps a member build a roadmap to improve patient throughput and staff productivity. Productivity assessments routinely identify an average of 5 to 7 percent savings in labor costs.

Scheduling and Productivity Technology

The solution is powered by advanced proprietary technology tools for labor management, such as:

  • Facility Scheduler that helps identify anticipated volumes in staffing and optimize labor productivity during the shift, and allows management to review key quality metrics such as staffing commitment levels, healthiness of a schedule and completeness of a schedule period
  • A productivity tool that helps managers view daily variances against appropriate targeted staffing requirements
  • Flexible Position Control that helps build a staffing model that matches historical workload demand trends
  • Staffing Grid Management that uses data to inform monthly staffing assignments based on hours-per-unit targets and nurse-to-patient ratios by census levels
  • Volume Forecaster that provides more accurate, dynamically generated and updated forecasting of patient volumes

Scheduling Effectiveness

The Scheduling Effectiveness solution provides scheduling accuracy and key metrics to reduce staffing volatility and decrease excess staffing. Effective scheduling can improve quality of care, reduce costs and improve staff satisfaction. This solution is led by a set of guidelines, such as:

  • Creating a quality schedule based on forecasted volumes and a staffing matrix
  • Schedule employees to their commitment level
  • Develop schedules four to six weeks in advance and then post two weeks before schedule start
  • Electronically push open needs as well as enable employees to pick up extra shifts to help fill openings in the schedule
  • Identify and minimize unhealthy shift patterns

Float Pool Design/Management

The Float Pool Design/Management solution helps members with the highly complex task of managing a wide range of competencies and staff (registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists, medical technologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, technicians, aides, clerks and support staff) across multiple locations. One of the goals is to find the appropriate balance between full-time and part-time employees.

We provide ongoing competency qualification and training programs to ensure that flexible staff meet organizational and regulatory requirements.

Onsite Management Engineering

The Onsite Management Engineering solution delivers training and tools to help managers address the complex tasks associated with executing labor management practices that promote quality patient care and employee satisfaction. We can also provide experienced contracted management engineers to augment a current team or as an interim step while recruiting permanent staff.

Managers learn how to use key performance indicators and dashboards to capture productivity efficiencies and performance improvements. Best practices, benchmarks and work analysis tools drive consistent and rapid organizational improvements. Management engineers can help lead these labor optimization initiatives to help drive sustainable change.

Recruitment Practices

The Recruitment Practices solution can assist the client by providing an overview of the current facility recruitment practices compared to national leading practices. This expertise in the recruitment process can assist organizational leadership by identifying and filling open staff requisitions in a timely manner using the vast size and scale of our corporate recruitment divisions.

The Recruitment Practices experts can also assist by providing interim leadership on a contracted basis. From CNOs to clinical directors, we can source, identify and credential appropriate interim leadership for current open positions, preventing leadership voids created by turnover.

Achieve workforce optimization and increased productivity
with an experienced team, proven process and advanced technology

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