HealthTrust IHP

Insurance, Human Capital, and Pharmacy

IHP is HealthTrust’s Team that Provides Insurance, Human Capital, and Pharmacy Solutions

HealthTrust manages over $50 Billion in spend across the membership. The IHP segment of HealthTrust is responsible for over $15 Billion of this, making us the leading group purchasing organization of our kind, nationally. We created IHP to ensure our unique assets could leverage all available synergies.

Our mission is to drive value for our members across the insurance, human capital, and pharmacy landscape every day, leveraging our unique capabilities and expertise.

We have a team of incredibly hard-working, creative, intelligent, and tenacious professionals that work every day to ensure our members can maximize their success.

IHP Infographic: Insurance, Human Capital, Pharmacy,

How do the seemingly distinct areas of Insurance, Human Capital, and Pharmacy bring synergies when combined?

To consider one example, look at the pharmaceutical space:

The ecosystem is highly complex and includes multiple constituents and opaque, complex funds flow and distribution models.

As a multi-billion dollar purchaser direct from manufacturers, operating the largest sole-sourced PBM contract in the nation we have a comprehensive view into all sides of this complex supply chain.

That visibility, when combined with our subject matter expertise provides our members with transparency, market leading terms, and access to truly custom, unique programs.

Our Functional Areas of Discipline

  • Strategic Sourcing and Contracting
  • Clinical Pathways
  • Operational Solutions
  • Market Research and Benchmarking
  • Design and Innovation
  • Member Service and Support
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Audit

Our Team

Our cross discipline team is comprised of Pharmacists, Actuaries,
Underwriters, HR Advisors, and MBA's.


Jason Braithwaite Headshot

Jason Braithwaite, PharmD, MS, BCPS

Assistant Vice President, Clinical Pharmacy Services

Christine Dunn Headshot

Christine Dunn, PharmD

Assistant Vice President,
Pharmacy Sourcing

Stephen Magosin Headshot

Stephen Magosin, PharmD

Assistant Vice President,
Business Development

Brian Moran Headshot

Brian Moran, PharmD, MBA

Vice President, Pharmacy

Nancy Price Headshot

Nancy Price

Vice President, HR
Strategic Sourcing