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HealthTrust IHP's insurance segment focuses on protections for those who bear risk. This includes plan sponsors and providers.

Access the Coverage You Need

Access the Coverage You Need

Collaborate with our cross functional team to capture the most value for the type of coverage you need.

Innovative Protection For Your Organization

Innovative Protection for Your Organization

Take advantage of our market leverage and experience to develop a strategic approach to managing your risk profile.

An example of our capabilities - HealthTrust's Volatility Management Program (VMP)

An example of our capabilities –
HealthTrust’s Volatility Management Program (VMP)

Using our scale in pharmaceutical purchasing, we developed a custom program to reduce the volatility associated with high cost drugs. Over 600 SKUs are covered by the program, and offers our members the option to replace the potential for millions of dollars in unexpected costs, with a fixed cost of pennies per day in premiums.

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