Covid-19 Resources

Providing comprehensive updates regarding supplies and best practices.

Important Disclaimer:
Due to the urgent and dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, HealthTrust is compiling information based on member best practices, experimental techniques, and other materials that may be preliminary, evolving and subject to change. Nothing herein is intended to replace health system practices and independent clinical decision-making, which are the sole responsibility of systems and their practitioners. HealthTrust encourages you to always refer to the CDC, your state’s department of health, and your local public health authority for guidance. HealthTrust does not provide legal, regulatory, or medical advice, health system operational and treatment decisions and disclaims liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, and/or clinical efficacy and safety for the products or processes contained herein. Users of this website should seek their legal counsel’s advice on local, state, and federal legal/regulatory matters.

*“New technology” is classified as a product that, as compared to existing products:

  • Offers significant technological advancements,
  • Improves clinical outcomes or patient care in a significant way (i.e., documented reduction in procedure times, outcomes, lengths of stay, readmissions, infection rates), or
  • Streamlines work processes and/or the economics of facility operations in a significant way (i.e., increase or decrease expenses in supply chain or resource utilization).

Demonstration of the above through independent, peer-reviewed publication(s) is beneficial, but not required.*