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Applying for Access to Supplier Portal

After your form data has been submitted to HealthTrust, you will receive an email, directing you to request access to HealthTrust’s Vendor Portal.

  1. Begin by visiting our public website at
  2. Click the Suppliers tab located in the upper right corner of the home page.
  3. Once the page loads, you will be presented with two options labeled Supplier Information and Portal Access.
  4. Click Portal Access – Supplier Login.
  5. The Login section displays with 2 options labeled HealthTrust Member Registration and HealthTrust Vendor Registration.
  6. Click HealthTrust Vendor Registration.
  7. The Vendor Registration screen displays.
  8. Provide required personal information (designated with a *).
  9. Note: Ensure that HealthTrust Portals – Supplier User is selected under HealthTrust Portals in the Roles section. Your affiliation as a Supplier will ensure that you are only shown the Supplier-facing section of the site.

  10. Vendor affiliation is a required field and indicates the supplier that you represent.
  11. By clicking the Search button, Vendor Affiliation names can be selected using the Vendor Name as Search criteria.
  12. When you have completed the request form, click the Register button.
  13. If your request has been successfully submitted, you will be provided with a clear message indicator.
  14. You’re finished. Thank you for applying!

    • The security administrator has been notified.
    • Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions to create your password.

Note: Account requests typically take one to three business days for the security administrator to process; however, it could take longer if there are questions or concerns about the request. When approved or denied for access, you will be notified using the email address you provided during signup.

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