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HealthTrust Supplier Portal

This area of the portal is where you will find information that is updated dynamically. The screens and content may be updated from the view shown here, but we expect the portal will be intuitive and helpful to guide you through the process.

  1. Select the Suppliers tab.
  2. The Welcome Suppliers screen displays.
  3. Click Benefits of Becoming a Contracted Supplier (at the bottom of the screen) for important information about HealthTrust’s contracting process, including:
    • Our Criteria for becoming a HealthTrust nationally-contracted supplier
    • Contract Schedule (Bid Calendar)
    • Link to the Supplier Form, which is also available by clicking GET STARTED OR UPDATE PROFILE.
  4. Click Supplier Information to either GET STARTED OR UPDATE PROFILE information.
  5. Four tabs display:
    1. Benefits
    2. Criteria
    3. Contract Schedule
    4. Supplier Form
  6. By clicking GET STARTED OR UPDATE PROFILE from the Supplier Homepage, or the Supplier Form tab, this will open the online form for your submission.
  7. The link to the Supplier Form allows you to provide HealthTrust with information about your company. This resource outlines the data submission requirements and process for Suppliers to provide and update information.

Please review this resource in its entirety prior to completing the form in order to better understand the data required for form completion.

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*“New technology” is classified as a product that, as compared to existing products:

  • Offers significant technological advancements,
  • Improves clinical outcomes or patient care in a significant way (i.e., documented reduction in procedure times, outcomes, lengths of stay, readmissions, infection rates), or
  • Streamlines work processes and/or the economics of facility operations in a significant way (i.e., increase or decrease expenses in supply chain or resource utilization).

Demonstration of the above through independent, peer-reviewed publication(s) is beneficial, but not required.*

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