HealthTrust Spotlights the Release of Industry Annual Report

Guy Wagner Named HGPII Steering Committee Chair

HealthTrust Performance GroupSM, a leading healthcare performance improvement company, supports ethical business standards and conduct in the healthcare supply chain as espoused in the 17th Annual Report of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative, or HGPII. In the report, HGPII acknowledges how HealthTrust has created greater resiliency in the healthcare supply chain in a number of ways including: distributing vital information to members for strategy setting, producing information technology innovations, and promoting greater opportunities for diverse suppliers.

HealthTrust also announced that Guy Wagner, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, Commercial Products, will serve as Steering Committee Chair of HGPII. As a founding and active member of HGPII, HealthTrust is contributing to a more resilient healthcare supply chain while adhering to industry commitments to advance product quality and cost savings for health systems.

“I am honored to serve HGPII and its guiding principles in this leadership capacity,” said Wagner. “I look forward to helping continue HGPII’s work to ensure the highest ethical practices among GPO members, strengthening the healthcare industry’s supply chain and elevating the important service that group purchasing organizations provide.” In a video message on the HGPII website, Wagner added, “We look forward to continuing to serve and strengthen our nation’s healthcare supply chain.”

In addition to Wagner, several of the company’s leaders continue their involvement with the Initiative including Ed Jones, HealthTrust’s President and Chief Executive Officer who is a current member of the Steering Committee. Rob Arreola, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, and Tonya Goad, Ethics and Compliance Officer, are active members of HGPII’s Working Group.

“HealthTrust is proud to be a member of HGPII and embraces its high ethical values,” said Jones. “There is no one more fitting for this position than Guy. He brings a combination of deeply rooted supply chain expertise and leadership that will undoubtedly advance HGPII’s charter of integrity, ethics and best practices throughout our industry.”

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