Our Distinguished Membership: From the Desk of Ed Jones

The onslaught of challenges endured by health systems throughout the U.S. over the last two years is well documented. Organizations are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and its never-before-seen impact on staffing and the disruption to supply chains, businesses and life in general. Through it all, providers rose to the occasion and met the challenges head on. I am proud to share that a number of our distinguished HealthTrust members have made the list of the Fortune/Merative 15 Top Health Systems and the 100 Top Hospitals list.

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Pharmaceutical production line for vaccination manufacturing. Close up of glass vials with caps and blank labels moving on a conveyor belt. Industrial background, manufacturing equipment. Red and blue hues. Digitally generated image. Selective focus.

Facilitating an Agile & Resilient Supply Chain: From the Desk of Ed Jones

Pandemic-related supply chain disruption, inflation, Russia’s war in Ukraine, ongoing global manufacturing interruptions, increased costs for raw materials, labor and transportation challenges—all have contributed to today’s difficult landscape. The healthcare […]

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Vaccines Offer a Glimmer of Hope

Because of timeliness and fluidity of information, I hesitated writing about the COVID-19 vaccine in a quarterly column. However, I’d be remiss to not address the importance of this topic, […]

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Strengthening the Supply Chain

The pandemic revealed to hospitals across the country the impact of relying on foreign manufacturers to supply the vast majority of much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE). For HealthTrust, it presented […]

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Ed Jones

Advancing Through the Aftermath

Healthcare organizations throughout the country are currently managing the delicate balance between increasing elective procedures and services while maintaining bed capacity in the event of a COVID-19 resurgence. As of […]

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